Why Do Celebrity Psychics Charge Over $1000 For Readings?

It boils down to the old supply and demand situation. A celebrity psychic has only so many hours to devote to client readings, so it becomes essentially an auction for those hours. Some people are so desperate to get a reading from that celebrity psychic that they will pay almost any amount to secure that precious time slot.

This brings up the question of whether celebrity psychics are worth the money.

There are many independent psychics that have as much ability or more than celebrity psychics. However, since those independent practitioners haven’t been publicized via television and radio shows, their time isn’t in as much demand so people aren’t desperate to pay as much as it costs to secure a reading.

Marketing is the key to more people wanting a reading from you, which is why we created http://www.YourPsychicServicesBusiness.com to help you professionally manage your business, and http://www.ChooseAPsychic.com to help you advertise your business.


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