How can I get clients for my Tarot card readings?

If you are trying to start a psychic consultancy, which is what readings actually are, getting clients is a matter of creating a business image and marketing it. We go into this in greater depth at our site, but in brief, decide what you do well and develop a value proposition to use in your marketing. For example: If you like to do readings on relationships, you might want to emphasize that in your marketing by stating something as simple as “Confused about your relationships? I specialize in relationship readings!” Are you good with details? “I specialize in giving highly detailed readings.”

A great way to attract new clients is to offer your services at local fundraising events or club meetings. A simple ad in Craig’s List stating that you are available for parties, fundraising events and club meetings will attract inquiries. State your value proposition: “Your guests will be talking about how they loved your party for years!” Or, “Everyone is watching paranormal television shows. I can give an exciting and thought-provoking demonstration to your club meeting that will have everyone talking for months!”

Of course, you should charge for these appearances, but even if you are working for free just to raise awareness of your business, make sure you bring business cards, brochures and offer a special deal such as a discount for anyone interested in a reading. Pass around a sign-up sheet and put those names and contact information into your email mailing list. Hold a drawing for a free reading. People who don’t win will be more likely to call you for an appointment if you offer a new-client discount.


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