What do you think about psychics who charge a crazy amount of money for a reading?

What would you consider a crazy amount of money? What you may find a crazy amount may not be an issue with someone else.

Some psychics charge the rates they do depending on the principle of supply in demand. Think about psychics who travel throughout the world, do shows, seminars, groups, media appearances, write, and the like, who do not have as much time to offer private readings to everyone that wants a reading with them. The rate, then, is often higher than another psychic who doesn’t have the same demands on his or her time.

Other psychics base rates off of what they feel comfortable with charging. There are a number of reasons why psychics use the rates that they use.

Where some may find a $500 or more reading unattainable, or simply more than they are willing to pay, others would be happy to pay the fee. The same goes for another person who would jump at having a reading for $25, while another person may view that as too little, and shy away from it.

There are an array of psychics throughout the world whose fees vary. I’m sure you already have a price in mind that you’ll pay, and finding a psychic with the rate you have in mind will be easy to find.


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