Are the psychics who charge the most considered the best?

Many people perceive a high fee charged by a psychic as an indication of paying for one of the best. This is not at all true.

People often confuse paying higher fees (or prices for products for that matter), as getting “the best that money can buy,” but if you look at the cost of doing business as one of the factors behind the fees being charged, they’d understand that price doesn’t necessarily mean a better service, product, or in this case, psychic reading.

One psychic’s cost of doing business is not the same as another’s. Not everyone has the same overhead or expenses to cover, nor do they have the same fees in common.

Psychics may charge higher fees to fit an image. Unfortunately, image doesn’t cut it when it comes down to being able to deliver the information a person is looking for. I’ve received many calls from people who paid a high fee, and were disappointed in the lack of information or care given to them.

The reputation of a psychic is much more important than the fees that are being charged.


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