Is it a good idea to send emailed newsletters to my clients?

You bet it is! Each newsletter can be forwarded by your client to their friends, so it is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and collect referrals.

When writing the newsletter, be sure to offer a discount to new clients coming in as a referral. You could even create a reward for the clients who make referrals. For example, 5 referrals earns a 50% discount for the client on his or her next reading.

Put a newsletter sign-up on your website. Include your reward system for newsletter subscribers who refer new clients. People are much more likely to call you for a reading or refer a friend if they get a reward.

Newsletters also encourage people to schedule an appointment for a reading or a party. Everyone at one time or another has an important decision to make or is wondering if that special person is really going to turn out to be all that special in the long run. When your newsletter appears in the Inbox, it reminds them of how much they need one of your readings. 

Your newsletter is also a great place to advertise that you do parties or give talks at community group meetings and even give readings at charity events. Working a charity event and donating all or part of your earnings is a great way to pick up new clients.

Good online email newsletter services are Constant-Contact and Mail Chimp.




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