I see some psychics doing readings in a local restaurant. How can I do that too?

Lots of restaurants like Tarot card readers, palm readers, numerologists and the like because they bring in more customers to the restaurant. Think about restaurants and coffee houses in your area that could use a little more business. I knew a psychic in Los Angeles who would stop in a different restaurant every night. He had a schedule … Mondays at X restaurant, Tuesdays at Y restaurant, and so on. He would come in at about 6:30 or 7:00, right during dinner hour, and walk around to each table asking if anyone would like a card reading. He charged $10 per reading, which took him about 10 or 15 minutes.

Usually one person at a table would respond and then another until he was reading two to four times at each table. Other diners would notice this going on and ask their waiters to send Andre over to them after he was finished. Lots of people came to that restaurant specifically to get a reading, and of course to eat dinner. The hostess even kept a list of people who wanted a reading from Andre so when he arrived, he usually had tables to go to. On a typical evening he would do 10 to 20 readings and collect $100-$200 or more. Some people gave him more than $10. He could do 4 to 6 readings in an hour. When he left he always put money into the wait staff tip jar so they were happy to bring him customers.

Don’t just walk into any restaurant without talking with the manager first. Promise you will be there every week at the same time. Promise to share 20%, more or less, of your earnings with the staff. Tell the manager that people will wait well after the busy period, ordering drinks, deserts and coffee while waiting. After a certain point in the evening, business starts to slow down and you can help the restaurant make more money from the people who are waiting. It also keeps the restaurant looking full and popular to anyone wandering by on the street.

Early in the evening, remember that the restaurant manager wants the tables to turn over, so you will have to be sensitive to the need to work quickly to get to people during the restaurant’s peak time. Let the manager tell you how to handle it in that restaurant.

Don’t forget to bring your business cards along with your Tarot cards. Doing mini-readings is a great way to get clients to book for longer more detailed readings!



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