I’m doing Tarot card readings for my friends, but would like to make a living doing it.

Many of us start out reading Tarot cards for our friends. In fact, we often gain quite a following, but that has problems. When we read for our friends, we usually do it for free. Unfortunately, our friends don’t realize how much time and energy a simple friendly reading takes!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired after a reading. And when, as it usually happens, I read for several of my friends when we gather together for dinner, I end up exhausted. So, you are depleting your energy and spending your time for FREE. This is not good and not necessary.

Another problem you face is convincing yourself that your readings are worth financial compensation. If your friends think you are an accurate psychic, you have your answer. Now all it will take is for you to develop enough courage to charge for your time and effort.

Another problem you have is drawing the line and never letting someone step over that line, expecting a reading for free. Write out a list of those who you are happy to read for free, and charge everyone else!

Your next step is to start marketing for clients for your new psychic business. Enlist all those friends who can’t wait to get a Tarot card reading from you to refer other people to their “wonderful psychic” without telling them you are friends. People will expect to pay you if nobody hints they get readings from you for free.



2 thoughts on “I’m doing Tarot card readings for my friends, but would like to make a living doing it.

    • Hello Karen! You, and the millions (yes, millions!) of people like you are the reason Angela and I started http://www.YourPsychicServicesBusiness.com

      PSI abilities are natural abilities all of us have, but some people are more talented than others, just like some people are better at math or drawing. Science is finally recognizing this.

      We do readings for our friends, or help them find their lost keys, or tell them when to get out of their stock market investments — but these abilities of ours have not been valued as highly as accounting, law or even lawn care! That’s because our society is still under the influence of the Dark Ages when science and learning had to go underground. Although we have natural talent, it takes as much time, studying and effort to develop our skills as it does to develop accounting, carpentry and business management skills.

      We provide value, but our skills aren’t valued. They are sought out, but viewed as friendly freebies.

      Many people have started businesses providing clients with PSI-based services, but while there is plenty of help starting restaurants or bookkeeping services or auto repair businesses, there isn’t any serious professional assistance for those who want to start and operate PSI-based businesses.

      That is what we are all about!

      I am glad we helped you. Please visit our website — there is a lot of great information there. Pass along the news that we have opened up shop to help people like you. And good luck! We are here to help!

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