Are the psychics who charge the most considered the best?

Many people perceive a high fee charged by a psychic as an indication of paying for one of the best. This is not at all true.

People often confuse paying higher fees (or prices for products for that matter), as getting “the best that money can buy,” but if you look at the cost of doing business as one of the factors behind the fees being charged, they’d understand that price doesn’t necessarily mean a better service, product, or in this case, psychic reading.

One psychic’s cost of doing business is not the same as another’s. Not everyone has the same overhead or expenses to cover, nor do they have the same fees in common.

Psychics may charge higher fees to fit an image. Unfortunately, image doesn’t cut it when it comes down to being able to deliver the information a person is looking for. I’ve received many calls from people who paid a high fee, and were disappointed in the lack of information or care given to them.

The reputation of a psychic is much more important than the fees that are being charged.


What do you think about psychics who charge a crazy amount of money for a reading?

What would you consider a crazy amount of money? What you may find a crazy amount may not be an issue with someone else.

Some psychics charge the rates they do depending on the principle of supply in demand. Think about psychics who travel throughout the world, do shows, seminars, groups, media appearances, write, and the like, who do not have as much time to offer private readings to everyone that wants a reading with them. The rate, then, is often higher than another psychic who doesn’t have the same demands on his or her time.

Other psychics base rates off of what they feel comfortable with charging. There are a number of reasons why psychics use the rates that they use.

Where some may find a $500 or more reading unattainable, or simply more than they are willing to pay, others would be happy to pay the fee. The same goes for another person who would jump at having a reading for $25, while another person may view that as too little, and shy away from it.

There are an array of psychics throughout the world whose fees vary. I’m sure you already have a price in mind that you’ll pay, and finding a psychic with the rate you have in mind will be easy to find.

How can I compete with other psychics by charging a fee when some are giving their readings away for free?

Those who are not charging for their readings are not your competitors, the ones who do are.

Free readings are not valued the same as paid readings, and if you intend on going into business, you can’t afford to give away all of your time and information. It is okay if you wish to give away a reading here and there, or volunteer you time towards a worthy endeavor.

If you are confident in your abilities, feel free to charge a fee.

If someone uses angel cards, does that make him or her a psychic?

Angel cards can be used as a tool for an intuitive, but just to open a book and read a card meaning, or the word on the front of an angel card, doesn’t make one a psychic. If you read a passage out of a psychology book, does that make you a Psychologist?

An angel card; however, can help to open up your mind to possibilities, or give affirmations in which to focus on.

From time to time, the message on an angel card suits a situation being experienced by the one the card is being pulled for, and it feels as though synchronicity plays a helping hand when this happens.

How does it feel to be a psychic?

Speaking only for myself, I feel grateful to have psychic abilities. For the most part, working as a professional psychic is extraordinarily rewarding.

There are good days and bad days, of course, as the information I receive varies depending on the person I’m helping, or how I “feel” about the messages I am getting. The subject(s) matters also contribute toward my feelings about being a psychic.

The sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings I get often are experienced in conjunction with the five physical senses. Seeing things in the third eye, too, are quite interesting.

I would never want to be without psychic abilities as I love being a psychic.

Is it a good idea to send emailed newsletters to my clients?

You bet it is! Each newsletter can be forwarded by your client to their friends, so it is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and collect referrals.

When writing the newsletter, be sure to offer a discount to new clients coming in as a referral. You could even create a reward for the clients who make referrals. For example, 5 referrals earns a 50% discount for the client on his or her next reading.

Put a newsletter sign-up on your website. Include your reward system for newsletter subscribers who refer new clients. People are much more likely to call you for a reading or refer a friend if they get a reward.

Newsletters also encourage people to schedule an appointment for a reading or a party. Everyone at one time or another has an important decision to make or is wondering if that special person is really going to turn out to be all that special in the long run. When your newsletter appears in the Inbox, it reminds them of how much they need one of your readings. 

Your newsletter is also a great place to advertise that you do parties or give talks at community group meetings and even give readings at charity events. Working a charity event and donating all or part of your earnings is a great way to pick up new clients.

Good online email newsletter services are Constant-Contact and Mail Chimp.



I see some psychics doing readings in a local restaurant. How can I do that too?

Lots of restaurants like Tarot card readers, palm readers, numerologists and the like because they bring in more customers to the restaurant. Think about restaurants and coffee houses in your area that could use a little more business. I knew a psychic in Los Angeles who would stop in a different restaurant every night. He had a schedule … Mondays at X restaurant, Tuesdays at Y restaurant, and so on. He would come in at about 6:30 or 7:00, right during dinner hour, and walk around to each table asking if anyone would like a card reading. He charged $10 per reading, which took him about 10 or 15 minutes.

Usually one person at a table would respond and then another until he was reading two to four times at each table. Other diners would notice this going on and ask their waiters to send Andre over to them after he was finished. Lots of people came to that restaurant specifically to get a reading, and of course to eat dinner. The hostess even kept a list of people who wanted a reading from Andre so when he arrived, he usually had tables to go to. On a typical evening he would do 10 to 20 readings and collect $100-$200 or more. Some people gave him more than $10. He could do 4 to 6 readings in an hour. When he left he always put money into the wait staff tip jar so they were happy to bring him customers.

Don’t just walk into any restaurant without talking with the manager first. Promise you will be there every week at the same time. Promise to share 20%, more or less, of your earnings with the staff. Tell the manager that people will wait well after the busy period, ordering drinks, deserts and coffee while waiting. After a certain point in the evening, business starts to slow down and you can help the restaurant make more money from the people who are waiting. It also keeps the restaurant looking full and popular to anyone wandering by on the street.

Early in the evening, remember that the restaurant manager wants the tables to turn over, so you will have to be sensitive to the need to work quickly to get to people during the restaurant’s peak time. Let the manager tell you how to handle it in that restaurant.

Don’t forget to bring your business cards along with your Tarot cards. Doing mini-readings is a great way to get clients to book for longer more detailed readings!


I’m doing Tarot card readings for my friends, but would like to make a living doing it.

Many of us start out reading Tarot cards for our friends. In fact, we often gain quite a following, but that has problems. When we read for our friends, we usually do it for free. Unfortunately, our friends don’t realize how much time and energy a simple friendly reading takes!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired after a reading. And when, as it usually happens, I read for several of my friends when we gather together for dinner, I end up exhausted. So, you are depleting your energy and spending your time for FREE. This is not good and not necessary.

Another problem you face is convincing yourself that your readings are worth financial compensation. If your friends think you are an accurate psychic, you have your answer. Now all it will take is for you to develop enough courage to charge for your time and effort.

Another problem you have is drawing the line and never letting someone step over that line, expecting a reading for free. Write out a list of those who you are happy to read for free, and charge everyone else!

Your next step is to start marketing for clients for your new psychic business. Enlist all those friends who can’t wait to get a Tarot card reading from you to refer other people to their “wonderful psychic” without telling them you are friends. People will expect to pay you if nobody hints they get readings from you for free.